Sooo... I'd been drooling over the Dueba Puffy series for quite a while, but couldn't decide where to buy them. Then, I realized that one of the regulars on both the Soompi Circle Lens thread and the Gaia Circle Lens thread, 'Aki', had a pretty reputable shop, and in fact had the Puffy series stocked. <3 Hurrah!As soon as I decided between the violet and the pink, I skipped on over to the site, FOTD Looks, and placed an order for a shiny new pair of lenses

Here you are, the most recent review I've done (and boy do I have
lot to post out of order): the G&G/Dueba Puffy 3tone Pink. (aka. Shiny Pink, aka.Winter Barbie Fantasy Pink, aka. G&G/Dueba SB-Type Pink)* 

Enlargement: 9.5/10Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Comfort9/10

These are freakin' big, y'all. o: I know they're 14.5 mm, butcrikey,I think Yuk-lui was right when she said it's a less reddish pink when worn than some of the stock photos would have you think. Then again, some of the stock photos are of the hazels that are indeed part of the series, and not the actual pinks. Anyway, these lenses are a lot more violet than pink. I was hoping for the pink to look just like the lens does when off the eye. (Derp.) They clearly are not. All the same, the violet-y pink colour they turn out is still rapidly growing on me. At first I rather disliked it, but the more I saw them in different lighting/in pics, the more i liked them. Plus, they look ridiculously natural from a distance/when not super-zoomed in. ♥ I'm a fan

G&G/Dueba is always rather comfortable. These might actually be the most comfy of any lenses I've worn from them. Said it all in the colour/design category: these are a more violet pink than red-pink. I was hoping for a red-pink. :/ In any case, between the enlargement, strangers' compliments/comments, and the pics of them I've taken, they're quickly shooting up the 'Like' list. ;P
GEO Super Nudy Brown

Their pattern is bit different from the nudy series, I think they look a bit better in pictures.

Got em’ at http://fotdlooks-shop.weebly.com

recommend the shop, really good communication 

This post is actually really delayed haha. I won 50% off circle lenses from a blog giveaway hosted by Samantha of FOTDLOOKS and I won this back in August xD I didn't have time to review them during my busy school period but now I've finally got the chance to review these lenses :)

Samantha is also the owner of FOTDLOOKS Lenses which she has created and runs by herself. And as her grand opening promotion, she held a giveaway for her blog followers and also on her Facebook group. Very generous of her :)

She had a giveaway where 3 people can win lenses and 2 people can win 50% off lenses. I was the last person to be randomly chosen for this giveaway so I was lucky enough to get 50% off a pair of lenses of my choice ^_^

I chose the Geo 3-Tone/World Series Brown lenses because I think they're really pretty! I want to collect all of the colours of this series :D

It came in an envelope and the lens vials were wrapped in bubble wrap. I wasn't expecting Sam to send me a lens case but it's good that she is providing free lens cases with lenses =) I liked how she sent out a thank you letter to show her appreciation to her customers and a discount card for the next purchase. The discount card only lasts for a month and it's 5% off.FOTDLOOKS Lenses is based in the UK so it took more than 2 weeks to arrive :( It must have been stuck in customs, most likely to be the Australian customs because things that are sent from Australia to the UK get to them really quickly!

Unlike typical circle lenses, they do not enlarge my eyes at all. As I have said in my previous circle lens review posts, I don't particularly look for lenses that enlarge my eyes because I'm happy with the size of my eyes and I prefer to have a colour change instead :)To me they do look quite natural and give me hazel eyes which I really wish I had naturally! I love how there's 3 colours in the lens - golden yellow, white yellow and dark brown as the 'outer ring'. Very pretty indeed and the pattern really attracted me :D

Colour: ★★★★★
Enlargement: Very minimal enlargement
Comfort: ★★★
Overall Rating: Love it! 19/20

I don't know if I will purchase from FOTDLOOKS Lenses since lenses will take a really long time to reach me, and that's not Sam's fault at all :( Stupid customs... argh. But if you are from the UK, I highly recommend that you purchase lenses from FOTDLOOKS Lenses because it offers free shipping and the prices for lenses start from 18USD which is a very reasonable price!
Purchased from FOTDLooks. Great service, great prices!

Comfort: 8/10. These are actually my first pair of G&G/Dueba lenses, but I don’t really notice any difference in comfort as opposed to Geos/Neos/Beaucons. My comfort level seems to depend far more on my eyes and the environment that day rather than the brand of circle lenses.

Enlargement: 7/10. These lenses are rather large (14.5), as you can see in the pics. However, in spite of their large size, the overall enlargement effect is not huge. I think this owes mostly to the fact that the design/color aren’t conducive to an eye popping effect.

Design: 8/10. When I saw the pics, I was more impressed than when I saw them in real life, haha. The color is actually a good deal less vibrant in person. They also appear more violet in the pics, but in real life they look like more of a warm chestnut-ish pink. The bit of yellow in the middle helps blend with my natural hazel, too. A friend had to ask what color they were supposed to be, since they weren’t obviously pink. These lenses are quite cute for what they are, but I was hoping for a brighter, pinker pink.

Pictures here: http://-051296.tumblr.com/post/2052199041/10-10-for-comfort-these-lenses-were-very

10/10 for comfort: These lenses were very comfortable! I often forget I have them in.

8/10 for Design and Colour: These lenses blend with my natural eye colour, therefore, they aren’t too bright. However, in the sunlight/flash they’re more noticeable and they slightly look like an icy blue. The design also has a pretty pattern

10/10 for Enlargement: The diameter for these lenses is 14.8mm! There is a huge difference once you put them in. You can’t even see the full design of the lens in my eyes XD

10/10 for Packaging and Delivery: The lenses were well protected with bubble rap and came in a hard-to-tear plastic envelope. They came within the estimated time, without any damage to the lenses. The package included a translucent green lens case, instructions, a business card and a 5%-off discount code!

I REALLY like these Geo lenses overall! I’ll continue to use ‘FOTDlooks lenses’ and it’s my number 1 recommendation.

Thankyou ^-^

"got my geo hearts...i loooove how quick you always are! these ones are massive!!! and blend even better than puffys do with my blue eyes :) thanks, darlin! x" A. Whittam

"thanks for my puffys :D youre always so super fast and SO SUPER AMAAAAAZING xxxxx" A. Whittam

"Received my lenses today amazing they are so comfortable and HUGE im definitely ordering from fotd again and will be making a review soon" ~ K. Martinez 

"I got the lenses today! they are amazing and thank you very much.
I will purchase more in the near future ^^
x x x" ~M. Ison

"My lenses came yesterday and I can't BELIEVE how AWESOME circle lenses are!! Even though I'm black, a lot of people complimented me saying that it really suited me and I felt so happy!
I will do a review of the 3 pairs on my youtube soon because I love them so much!" ~ S. Abraham

"Hi :) my friend and i got our lenses today, they are awesome!! thank you!! ^^ xx" ~ A. Aguila

"I got my puffy lens' today! thank you! i love them!!" ~ S. Gibbins

"I got my princess eye lashes today, thank you so much, they look amazing, love them ♥. xxx" ~ E. Mikai

"Hey! I got my Geo & Puffy lenses today! :D I will be doing a review soon for you :D Thankyou so much!!! xx" ~ R. Angelo

"Hey! Received the Dueba lenses today, they're great :D Thanks again ♥" ~ E. Lieu

"I've received my lenses! thank you so much ♥" ~ X. Yu

"hey ~ i recieved all of my lenses today~! thanks so much~! that was really fast btw~ will definetly purchase lenses from you again~ :) ♥" 
World series, tri-colour series, 3-tone…..I don’t actually know what this series is called other than the code is definitely CM-905 Violet. haha ^^;;

Anywhoooo I bought these off the lovely Samantha from FOTD lenses on the 16th November for the 2nd batch :D This time I bought with a friend so we qualified for the “Buy 2 get 1 free” offer which was amazing ^^ Frankie bought the 3-tone Blue and I bought 3-tone Violet and seeing as it’s Christmas the free pair went to Frankie ^-^ And that was the Nudy Green. Altogether (including p&p) it costed £26 and I got them this morning in just under 4 weeks which was great :D

As for the violet lens- I think they look quite nice :D They’re as natural as the nudy blue ones I have, in terms of colour the violet is definitely visible but it’s not obscenely obvious but there is also an inner ring of a nice subtle pinkish brown. Like the others, they also feel very comfortable :D None of the uncomfortable scratchy feeling I get when I first put lenses in so all is good :D I think I would rate these a 8/10 overall but the service that FOTD supplies is 10/10 :D Replies quickly and is always on hand to help! ^^ Thank you Sam! <3

Heymon previously bought another bunch of lenses, you might remember her review previously. She received a free pair of lenses and has sent in another photo of herself wearing the GEO Super Angel Series XCM214 Browns.
Jess bought a pair of Puffy Greys from us recently, here are some photos from Jess