Purchased from FOTDLooks. Great service, great prices!

Comfort: 8/10. These are actually my first pair of G&G/Dueba lenses, but I don’t really notice any difference in comfort as opposed to Geos/Neos/Beaucons. My comfort level seems to depend far more on my eyes and the environment that day rather than the brand of circle lenses.

Enlargement: 7/10. These lenses are rather large (14.5), as you can see in the pics. However, in spite of their large size, the overall enlargement effect is not huge. I think this owes mostly to the fact that the design/color aren’t conducive to an eye popping effect.

Design: 8/10. When I saw the pics, I was more impressed than when I saw them in real life, haha. The color is actually a good deal less vibrant in person. They also appear more violet in the pics, but in real life they look like more of a warm chestnut-ish pink. The bit of yellow in the middle helps blend with my natural hazel, too. A friend had to ask what color they were supposed to be, since they weren’t obviously pink. These lenses are quite cute for what they are, but I was hoping for a brighter, pinker pink.

12/25/2010 09:09:58 am

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