"got my geo hearts...i loooove how quick you always are! these ones are massive!!! and blend even better than puffys do with my blue eyes :) thanks, darlin! x" A. Whittam

"thanks for my puffys :D youre always so super fast and SO SUPER AMAAAAAZING xxxxx" A. Whittam

"Received my lenses today amazing they are so comfortable and HUGE im definitely ordering from fotd again and will be making a review soon" ~ K. Martinez 

"I got the lenses today! they are amazing and thank you very much.
I will purchase more in the near future ^^
x x x" ~M. Ison

"My lenses came yesterday and I can't BELIEVE how AWESOME circle lenses are!! Even though I'm black, a lot of people complimented me saying that it really suited me and I felt so happy!
I will do a review of the 3 pairs on my youtube soon because I love them so much!" ~ S. Abraham

"Hi :) my friend and i got our lenses today, they are awesome!! thank you!! ^^ xx" ~ A. Aguila

"I got my puffy lens' today! thank you! i love them!!" ~ S. Gibbins

"I got my princess eye lashes today, thank you so much, they look amazing, love them ♥. xxx" ~ E. Mikai

"Hey! I got my Geo & Puffy lenses today! :D I will be doing a review soon for you :D Thankyou so much!!! xx" ~ R. Angelo

"Hey! Received the Dueba lenses today, they're great :D Thanks again ♥" ~ E. Lieu

"I've received my lenses! thank you so much ♥" ~ X. Yu

"hey ~ i recieved all of my lenses today~! thanks so much~! that was really fast btw~ will definetly purchase lenses from you again~ :) ♥" 
12/20/2010 10:26:18 am

Mon livre consacré à Jean Gabin sort en novembre aux Éditions Autres Temps, bonne journée, Pascal Djemaa.


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