Pictures here:

10/10 for comfort: These lenses were very comfortable! I often forget I have them in.

8/10 for Design and Colour: These lenses blend with my natural eye colour, therefore, they aren’t too bright. However, in the sunlight/flash they’re more noticeable and they slightly look like an icy blue. The design also has a pretty pattern

10/10 for Enlargement: The diameter for these lenses is 14.8mm! There is a huge difference once you put them in. You can’t even see the full design of the lens in my eyes XD

10/10 for Packaging and Delivery: The lenses were well protected with bubble rap and came in a hard-to-tear plastic envelope. They came within the estimated time, without any damage to the lenses. The package included a translucent green lens case, instructions, a business card and a 5%-off discount code!

I REALLY like these Geo lenses overall! I’ll continue to use ‘FOTDlooks lenses’ and it’s my number 1 recommendation.

Thankyou ^-^

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