We are now announcing that all lenses will come with free shipping WORLDWIDE. 

Please note that if you would like your lenses tracked, an extra charge of £3/$4.50USD* will be applicable.

*tracking price has been increased to £3 because of high tracking rates ):



If you are interested in Wholesaling, please let me know. Our prices for wholesale lenses are as follows: 

Price list 
Geo 1 and 2 Tone £6.50 ($10USD)
Geo 3 Tone £7 ($11USD)
Geo Fancy lenses £9 ($14USD)

Dueba/G&G Lenses £7.50 ($12USD)

Puffy Lenses £11 ($17USD)

To be eligible for wholesale prices, you will need to purchase at least 16 pairs of lenses. Lenses prices are inclusive of shipping and lens cases. Please email me at fotdlooks.shop@gmail.com for more details if you are interested.

Fake Geo Lenses!


It has come to our attention that there have been reports of fake GEO lenses and many are worried about the authenticity of their lenses. Please be aware of the following fake lenses especially if you have not bought your lenses from us or a registered GEO distributor:
We would like to reassure all customers that we are registered directly with GEO as a registered distributor. All GEO lenses are ordered directly from GEO and not from 3rd party distributors. Our registered information with GEO can be seen below in our screenshot, click the image to enlarge it.
To reiterate this, all our lenses come with GEO anti-fake authenticity stickers, you can check your GEO lenses on our checking page here.
A lot of people have been asking about prescribed lenses, yes we do carry them and they are the same price as non-prescription lenses. But do remember that you will need to be fitted by a registered optometrist before you should order.

Don't rush it, your eyes are precious and you'll need to know your contact lens prescription first. Yes, your glasses prescriptions may differ from your contact lens prescription so please do get your contact lens prescriptions checked out before you order.

If you're having difficulty reading your prescription, this article about prescriptions may help you.

Most prescriptions will give you 3 numbers, the first one being your prescriptive power, the second being your cylindrical power and the third your axis. 

When quoting your prescription, quote the prescriptive power. If you have a cylindrical power, this means that you require special Toric lenses for astigmatism which will be a bit more expensive. Mild astigmatism sufferers please talk to your optometrist if you are able to wear normal non-Toric lenses, as some mild suffers are able to wear them for short periods, although it is not entirely recommended.
This seems to be the most common question I've come across when talking to everyone on facebook, so I thought I'd address it here. 

Basically this is a pre-order, meaning that we do not have any in-stocks in our store just yet. This also means that I will have to collate all the orders from you guys before I can submit a full order to the suppliers. Ordering from the distributors in South Korea itself and Geo the manufacturers of your lenses, means that I have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to fulfil.

This MOQ means that if you support this pre-order and place your ordes now, the more orders I collate, the faster I can get to ordering the lenses and the faster you get your lenses!

However, if this is not the case, the pre-order will last up to a month and a bit. Including the time it takes for the lenses to be manufactured and sent to us to be delivered to you. 

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