Wholesale Agents wanted!

We are looking for wholesale agents! Its simple, we'll sell you lenses at the prices listed in our price list above, and all you have to do is the following:

1. Collect an order for at least 10 pairs of lenses for us each month - this does not need to be a full order of 10 pairs, you can send us an order any time of the month for any amount of lenses, but you need to make sure that at the end of 30 days, you have ordered up to 10 pairs from us! 
BUT if you dont think you can make an order of 10 pairs dont worry! either just dont buy during that period or you can just pay retail price. I wont eat you because you didnt order during that period :)

2. Submit to us your order - if you send us an order and have checked that we have the lenses instock on our stock sheet we can send you the lenses straight after you ordered! (lens prices for instock lenses will cost £1.50 more than prices below because of handling fees)

3. If you wish not to order from the stock sheet we'll send your order to GEO and our supplier and then send you the lenses 

4. You send your customers the lenses - alternatively, send us shipping details for the lenses you've ordered and we can ship the lenses for you but you will incur the shipping charges which isn't more than £2 per order.

5. Agents who have sold a certain number of lenses will be given bonus lenses at the end of every month - bonus lenses are given out as commission, so the more you sell the more lenses you'll get, only top 3 agents every month will be able to redeem, bonus lenses will be given at our discretion.

How to register? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and sign up now to be an Agent. All Agents must pay a one time registration fee of £5 so that we know that you are not just trying to waste our time.
Click here for a full list of terms and conditions

    Wholesale Agent Registration Form