Terms and Conditions

1. Customers submitting an order form have committed to purchasing the items listed. 

2. The Agent has the right to refuse or cancel an order if the item is unavailable or if the customer has yet to bear full costs. All costs paid will be then refunded to the Customer if the Customer accepts the cancellation without a replacement purchase. 

3. If the item is unavailable, options will be given to make a replacement purchase. Under given circumstances, the Customer has 5 business days to respond. If no response is given, full refunds are given. 

4. The Agent is not liable for shipping damage, lost of package, speed of shipping; all these are uncontrollable factors which you will be aware of. All items shipped will not be posted out unless in excellent condition, therefore should the Customer find their items within an unsatisfactory condition, the Agent will not be liable for the condition. 

5. The Agent hence has a right to refuse any refunds or replacements unless items are returned fully sealed in original conditions. No refunds or replacements will be given if items have been opened or used.

6. The Agent is not liable for custom charges or any confiscations or extra shipping charges which might be incurred during postage and shipping.

7. The Customer must read the
Shipping and Payment Details before committing to a purchase 

8. All discounts given are calculated before shipping, unless within wholesale purchases, whereby shipping discounts granted will be discretionary.

9.The Agent will not be liable for any optical injuries sustained from prolonged use and unsatisfactory handling of medical equipment, you are advised to read the Safety Guidelines for all medical equipment before purchasing and wearing them. 

10. All items are listed in GBP and all currency conversions and payments are made with Paypal's system.

11. The Agent has all right to cancel the pre-order, make amendments to prices, payment details, shipping and delivery options and other requirements by the Customers at any given time. This however, will be made in discretion to given and reasonable factors which will be stated and clearly explained by the Agent.