Referral Programme

Your name and surname will be required for your purchase, they are also your Referral Programme I.Ds. When referring friends, please ask them to state your I.D within the Discount/Referral Code section to redeem the following promotions:

Refer 3 friends and receive a pair of lenses at half price on your next order! 

Refer 5 friends and receive a free pair of lenses on your next order!

Refer 9 friends and receive 2 pairs of free lenses and free shipping on your next order!

To redeem free lenses or "50% off" coupons, you will need to purchase at least 1 pair of lenses unless you have won them in the monthly giveaway. 

Discounts are not stackable (you may not use more than 1 discount code). 

Free lenses issued with referrals must be redeemed with your next purchase, i.e you must buy at least 1 pair and you'll get a free pair, they cannot be redeemed as stand-alones.

Free lenses issued with reviews can either be redeemed as stand-alones or with your next purchase.

If Free lenses are issued, you must purchase up to 2 pairs before you can use a discount code, if not the discount code is not valid for the purchase and you must pay full price for the 1 payable pair.

Free lenses and Half price coupons are not redeemable upon Puffy series, Toric, Crazy and Animation lenses.