We've recently sponsored a few names some lenses, Kayla is one of the names we have sponsored lenses for. You might know Kayla as Momo for 1minute1second.tumblr.com or one of the co-authors of fuckyeahuhljjang.tumblr.com, with her bright pink hair and gorgeous eyes, its hard to miss her! Kayla's helping us model and review the Puffy 3 Tone Violets and has written us a nice little review on the lenses ^^
Kayla's natural eye color is a light brown/hazel color.

Read Kayla's full review on her tumblr:
Puffy 3Tone Violet

Design: 10/10- These are insanely pretty! Out of all my lenses, I think this one has my favorite design. They’re also my first 3-tone lens. You can see the design more clearly in this post, I love the burst of yellow in the middle.
Color: 9/10- Most violet lenses I’ve seen don’t show very vibrantly, unless you use flash. As for these lenses, I found that I could see what color they were quite well in photos even without flash. It might be a little bright for me, though. 
Enlargement: 8/10- These are 14.5mm lenses, but I didn’t feel like they were that large in my eyes. Therefore, they’re big size-wise, but enlargement wise, they enlarge just enough (for those of you that don’t want alien eyes).
Comfort: 7/10- I can’t really say if they dry out or feel scratchy after a while, as I was kind of sick when I wore them, and only wore them for 45 minutes at the most. But they were comfortable in my eyes for that amount of time. However, I felt them sliding around in my eyes a bit, and even saw them do so. As I was taking pictures, I saw that it almost made me look like I have a lazy eye… but this mostly just happened if I focused on something (like putting on makeup or taking a picture).
Overall: 8/10- I think I need to put on different makeup (I was lazy and sick when I took these pictures, so I only wore eyeliner and used a shimmer stick) because I didn’t feel my eye makeup flattered it in pictures- I promise it looks better in real life. From what I can tell, they are comfortable and have a very pretty design/color to them. I’d definitely recommend them to someone who needs a vibrant violet lens!

I got these lenses from FOTDLOOKS, and I will be post more information on information for that site. 


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