We've always hosted general giveaways where we give away a pair of lenses free to 2 lucky people and 50% coupons to 3 others. But this time round we're hosting a new giveaway. 

Our video giveaway entitles the winner up to 6 pairs of free lenses! Click here to join!

Its simple:
1. Join our event and add your friends to let them know that its going on

2. Make a video either telling us which pair of lenses you wish to win and why (theme 1) OR make a video telling us which pair of lenses you could give a friend, who this friend is and why (theme 2) *you do not need to be in the video, it can be a voice over video or it can be an animated video, the more creative the better!

3. Upload this video onto youtube if you can, send me the link and the original video at fotdlooks.shop@gmail.com 


4. On 29 October, your video will be uploaded to our facebook group and will be subjected to public voting. 

Winners who make videos in theme 1 will get 3 pairs of free lenses (1 free pair for the next 3 batches) OR if you mention who you would like to give a free pair to BOTH YOU and YOUR FRIEND could win 1 pair of free lenses for the next three batches. That's a total of 6 pairs of lenses between both of you!
In conjunction with Christmas and to beat the christmas rush, we have decided to merge this month and next month's batch order such that lenses will be delivered to you by early December!

Our promotion will run throughout the batch order and will close on 20 November 2010. The promotion details are as follows:

Buy 1 pair get the 2nd pair 50% off!
Buy 2 - 4 pairs get 1 free pair + 10% discount card!
Buy 5 - 6 pairs get 2 free pairs + 15% discount card!
Buy 7 pairs or more get 3 free pairs + 20% discount card!

We will also be willing to send your friends any of your purchases to them on your behalf during this period! Just tell us which pair(s) of lenses you'd wish to send to your friends and their shipping details and we'll send it to them for you! You can even include a personal message if you wish to personalise the gift! Promotion starts 20 October 2010!

*50%/free lenses redeemed are only applicable to GEO 1,2 and 3 Tone lenses
*Promo only applies to pre-order lenses.
Our promo has been extended so please place your orders as soon as you can! 
See our order form for the promo details. GEO lens prices start at £12GBP/18USD/19CAD with free international shipping and lens cases!

The current batch order will end on 30 September 2010 23:59GMT and lenses should arrive to me around the 2nd week of October, UK customers will receive their lenses 2-4 days after I have received them while International Customers should expect all lenses in 7-14 business days.
For this batch for the weekend there will be a special discount for all Gaians and Soompiers, quote your Gaia or Soompi username and all Dueba/G&G lenses are reduced to £10.80/$15USD per pair. Hurry batch ends 31 August 2010 23:59GMT.
We've just opened so look around and enjoy the offers and discounts available to you in our grand opening offer!

Lenses are now at £10.80 (15USD) per pair with free lenses, free lens cases and free shipping with our promotion! 

Also Join our facebook page and event for free lenses and half price promotions!

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