Qn: What is a pre-order/batch order? 
Ans: A pre-order/batch order is when we send a full list of orders from people for around 100 pairs of lenses directly to the lens manufacturers in South Korea. This means your lenses are made for you specifically. Lenses will take about 2-4 weeks after the closing date of a pre-order/batch order to reach you. We open a pre-order/batch order every month where you can place orders for any lenses! 

Qn: Where can I see your lenses?
Ans: You can see our full selection of lenses here: Lens Catalogue. If you are interested in lenses and do not need prescription/power/degrees, order from this page: Instock Lenses. Lenses on that page can be ordered immediately for shipping in the next 1-2 working days.

Qn: Do you have prescription/power/degrees lenses?
Ans: Yes we do! Lenses are listed as 0-1000, where 0 means no prescription/power/degrees and 1000 means -10.00, so all lenses come in prescription unless it is marked PLANO ONLY which means there is no power/degrees available because they are not made in power/degrees.

Qn: I want to order lenses where do I order? I need prescription/power/degrees lenses please!
Ans: All lenses and prescription lenses/Lenses in degrees can be ordered on this page: Order Form. If you don't need degrees you can find a list of lenses in stock here: Instock Lenses, these lenses ship in 1-2 working days.
When making an order on the Order Form please remember to include in the notes to merchant what prescription/power/degrees you would like.

Qn: How can I make payment?
Ans: Please see this page here on how to make payment: How to Pay?

Qn: How much do the lenses cost? Do you charge more for prescription/degrees/power lenses?
Ans: Lens prices can be seen here: Prices and Delivery. Lenses are the prices stated for all lenses, we do not charge extra for prescription/degrees/power.

Qn: Can I pay by concealed cash/cash/bank/facetrade?
Ans: Yes, only if you are in the United Kingdom. If you are not from the United Kingdom, we will advise you not to use concealed cash unless you send your cash with tracking. Cash must be sent 2 weeks before the closing date of a batch. 

Qn: How much is shipping/do you ship overseas?
Ans: Yes we ship worldwide! Normal shipping is FREE worldwide, so no matter where in the world you are, it is completely free! However, if you want to add tracking to your lenses, there is a one time fee of £2 for UK customers and £3 for International customers - no matter how many pairs you order it is just £2 or £3 per order.

Qn: When do I receive my lenses?
Ans: If you ordered from our Instock page: UK Customers 2-4 Working days; International Customers 7-14 Working Days
If you ordered on a pre-order/batch order, lenses can arrive up to 1 month from the closing date. I will always email you frequently to update you on times of arrival and they might come in earlier than 1 month.

Qn: I ordered lenses from you, how do I know if you have received it/shipped it?
Ans: You can check your order statuses on our order status page here: Order Status