Batch ends 8 January 2011
Current promotion
Buy 3-5 pairs get 1 free pair!
Buy 6-9 pairs get 2 free pairs!
Buy 10 pairs or more get 3 free pairs!

*Free/50% pairs are only applicable to GEO 1,2 and 3 Tone lenses
*Discount only applicable to pre-order/batch order lenses
*All blog reviews/youtube reviews after your purchase will redeem you 1 free pair of GEO 1, 2 and 3 Tone lenses


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Send in your reviews and pictures!

If you'd like to do a feedback and review for us, please email us at Your review can be either a blog post or a youtube video, please include your name, lens model and link to your review, and you'll be able to redeem a free pair of contact lenses on your next purchase!

Alternatively, email us at with your feedback on your lenses and your experience shopping with us, include a picture of you wearing your lenses and get a pair of lenses at half-price the next time you order with us!

*Only applicable if you have previously bought a pair of lenses from us.

Facebook Monthly Circle Lens Giveaways


To redeem free lenses or "50% off" coupons, you will need to purchase at least 1 pair of lenses unless you have won them in the monthly giveaway. 

Discounts are not stackable (you may not use more than 1 discount code). 

Free lenses issued with referrals must be redeemed with your next purchase, i.e you must buy at least 1 pair and you'll get a free pair, they cannot be redeemed as stand-alones.

Free lenses issued with reviews can either be redeemed as stand-alones or with your next purchase.

If Free lenses are issued, you must purchase up to 2 pairs before you can use a discount code, if not the discount code is not valid for the purchase and you must pay full price for the 1 payable pair.

Free lenses and Half price coupons are not redeemable upon Puffy series, Toric, Crazy and Animation lenses.