World series, tri-colour series, 3-tone…..I don’t actually know what this series is called other than the code is definitely CM-905 Violet. haha ^^;;

Anywhoooo I bought these off the lovely Samantha from FOTD lenses on the 16th November for the 2nd batch :D This time I bought with a friend so we qualified for the “Buy 2 get 1 free” offer which was amazing ^^ Frankie bought the 3-tone Blue and I bought 3-tone Violet and seeing as it’s Christmas the free pair went to Frankie ^-^ And that was the Nudy Green. Altogether (including p&p) it costed £26 and I got them this morning in just under 4 weeks which was great :D

As for the violet lens- I think they look quite nice :D They’re as natural as the nudy blue ones I have, in terms of colour the violet is definitely visible but it’s not obscenely obvious but there is also an inner ring of a nice subtle pinkish brown. Like the others, they also feel very comfortable :D None of the uncomfortable scratchy feeling I get when I first put lenses in so all is good :D I think I would rate these a 8/10 overall but the service that FOTD supplies is 10/10 :D Replies quickly and is always on hand to help! ^^ Thank you Sam! <3



12/26/2010 11:07pm

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